Pont du Gard in France

Pont du Gard in France | UNESCO World Heritage

From its forty centuries of history, the Pont du Gard has held pride in the region as the highest aqueduct in Roman times and is one of the wonders of the historical world: a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Pont du Gard is the single most prestigious aqueduct in Nîmes.

This structure, constructed between Uzès and Nîmes (Gard), has provided water to the town of Nîmes for 5 centuries. It winds between the 2 cities, over 50 km prolonged through the mountains. Spanning the River Gardon The Pont du Gard is a section of this enormous aqueduct.

Pont du Gard in France

The lower ground made of six arches.

This bridge constructs to permit the aqueduct of Nîmes to cross the river, Gardon. Built around yr 50 AD, the Pont du Gard is a true testament to Roman engineering. It peaks at over forty-eight m and crosses the river over a length of 275 meters.

This architectural masterpiece is constructed on three stages consist of arches:

Pont du Gard in France

The intermediate stage eleven arches.

the upper deck 35 arches At its peak, the bridge once supported a pipeline, where the water flowed below a layer of stone slabs. A masterpiece of engineering The aqueduct was once constructed with excellent precision – its average slope is only 12m over a route 50km lengthy – the bridge is a true wonder of engineering.

Pont du Gard in France

It used to be constructed entirely with dry materials, without the want of any masonry. Stones, some of which weigh about six lots, have been hoisted 40m high and maintained by seals carved on site. At the peak of the canal, only the tallest part is made of rubblestone fused with mortar. The Pont du Gard is magnificently stunning thanks to its elegant types and natural environment that have hardly ever suffered the ravages of time in twenty centuries. This is the most visited place in French each year.

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